Pay with the best card every time.

Focus on the things that really matter, not on card fees. VitraCard saves all your cards in one place and selects the best for every payment you make.

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for anyone with more than 2 cards

Home for all your Cards

Trade in your wallet full of cards for one smart card that combines all of them. Add your cards to VitraCard and pay with your VitraCard Mastercard everywhere.

Save money on every transaction
Earn the best rewards on every transaction
The VitraCash Analytics page showing weekly spending and categories you spend on most
the best analytics you could ask for

Multi-Card Analytics

Analytics that shows you your spending in great detail across all of your cards. Set budgets, view detailed insights of your spending and get instant spending notifications.

Track how you spend with automatic categorization
Manage all your finances in one place
pay with peace-of-mind

One less thing to worry about.

Pay knowing you will always be getting the cheapest prices and best perks.

Make your wallet lighter

Trade your wallet full of cards for one card that combines all of them. Save your cards in the VitraCard App and pay with your VitraCard everywhere.

Pay with the best

The VitraChoose AI selects the best card for every payment you make based on multiple factors, including Insurance, Cashback, Transaction Fees and many more.

Compare cards

Use the VitraCard App to compare your cards and see how much you saved on your transactions. Analyse all your spending in one place.
accepted in 210 countries

Feel like a local

Your VitraCard is accepted in over 38 million locations worldwide. Never have your card declined because the merchant does not accept your card brand again.

Get the lowest FX rate your cards support
Spend using Apple Pay and Google Pay
top-class security system

Keeping your finances safe

VitraCash has a top-class security system that keeps your financials safe and sound.

Protected Layer

Our platform keeps
your finances safe.

Card Protection

Our technology protects your card from unauthorised access.

Regulated Service

All our services are offered by licensed entities.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have and boost your knowledge so you can save, invest and spend smarter.
Why a waitlist?
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So that we can inform you as soon as we grant you access to VitraCash. The better your position, the sooner we can welcome you.

Why should I participate?
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So that you can secure your access to VitraCash and start saving money before anyone else.

How can I participate?
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Just sign up here with your email. We will send you your personal invite link and an invitation to the app once you reach the front of the waitlist. Share your personal link to get exclusive benefits.

When will I get my VitraCard?
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Once you get your invite code to our beta and order your card it should take around 5 days for your card to arrive though it might take longer depending on where you live.

What type of card is my VitraCard?
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VitraCard is going to be a Mastercard® debit card. You can use it like any other debit card, anywhere that Mastercard® is accepted.

How do I top-up my VitraCard?
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Your VitraCard does not hold funds like traditional bank cards, simply add your cards to VitraCard and we will seamlessly charge them when you pay.