We don’t charge any monthly fees or account fees.
However, to keep our business running, and your VitraCard working, we do need to pass on some fees to you. We will charge you:

*Please note that we are (currently) only able to send VitraCards to residential addresses within the UK and EEA.


Yes, the VitraCards have limits.

The following limits have been applied per cardholder. Please note that any transaction attempted beyond these limits will be declined.

Generally, transactions will be limited to:

For certain customers, we may determine, at our discretion and after review, that these are low risk. For these customers, transactions will be limited to:

Please note that the above limits may be amended at VitraCash’s discretion.

That's it.
Please note that the cards you add in your VitraCard may charge you additional fees that we have no control over.

If you have any queries, please email our Customer Support Services on support@vitracash.com. You can also contact our Customer Support Services directly through the App, by accessing the App chat function.