VitraCash Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund AI-Powered Smart Payment Card – MasterCard as Strategic Partner

VitraCash Ltd, a payment technology platform that is using artificial intelligence to change how people around the world pay for goods and services, announced their crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube this week.

In an effort to raise funds for the launch of their AI-powered smart payment card, with MasterCard as a strategic partner, VitraCash is the first-of-its-kind smart debit card that saves all credit and debit cards for one customer in one singular place.

With a complementary mobile app, VitraCash’s technology will then select the best card for every transaction, factoring in elements like: FX rate, cashback, insurance, and more.

“Our team has spent a significant amount of time traveling across Europe and Asia, spending an absurd amount of money on exchange and ATM fees,” said Koray Koska, CEO of VitraCash. “We noticed that for non-MasterCard payments, the fees were even higher, or altogether not accepted in many parts of the world. While traveling, we just didn’t have the time to sit down and review the perks of each card, strategically choosing the right one for each transaction. That’s what inspired us to create VitraCash.”

VitraCash employs an advanced algorithm that calculates the best card for every payment with a multi-dimensional cost function, personalized by AI. The VitraCash platform includes a digital wallet app that is connected to a physical debit card, where it is able to measure and compare cards in real-time for every transaction.

VitraCash will turn a profit on their business model by collecting the interchange fee, as well as offering premium subscription plans.

“Our crowdfunding campaign will cover the estimated costs for our card processing and development to launch this summer,” said Koska. “As we like to say, we are welcoming everyone to join us on our journey to build a genuinely smart card. We believe this revolutionary technology could save people a tremendous amount of time, money, and hassle in the future.”

At this time, the VitraCash algorithm is US patent pending. The team has stated that the app and algorithm are in closed beta, with an aim to launch in July 2021.

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About VitraCash
VitraCash is a fintech that combines all of your payment cards and bank accounts into one state-of-the-art smart card and a amazing app.

VitraCash allows users to gain the best benefits every time, and pay the lowest fees without even thinking about it. It also offers a host of other benefits, including instant notifications and multi-card analytics, and the ability to the VitraCard to your mobile wallets (Apple Pay and Google Pay).

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